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Make Money on Your Deep Savings Account with a High Yield Savings Account

Rachael and I are always looking for ways to save money and eliminate waste in our budget.  We’ve worked pretty hard to keep that waste at a minimum, but occasionally, there are places to trim.  Obviously, we are huge proponents of creating and keeping a budget, but at some point, you’ve optimized as best you […]


Healthy Turkey Chili Recipe

This year in Colorado, it snowed on October 9th. You read that right. 9 days into October (a clearly “fall” month), winter jumped the gun and showed its face. The only thing that has made it bearable is this chili. It is delicious, the right amount of spicy, and perfect for a night in watching […]

Trick Yourself Into Getting Better: the “Yes…oh Sh*t” Strategy

Improving yourself is tough.  If you think about, the only way to get better is to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  To be better than you were yesterday, even if its just in a small way. Do you want to get better shooting the basketball?  Practice shooting more shots, shooting faster, shooting with […]

Turning Social Media Time Into Something Productive

I bet that most days when you fall asleep you feel like you had a full day but you didn’t get things checked off your list at work or at home. Why is that? Here’s the thing. Actually, there’s two things. First, time gets filled no matter what. You hear stories of women who are […]

Why Creating and Keeping a Personal Budget Puts You in Control

A lot of people I talk to don’t want to budget.  They feel it’s restricting.  Maybe you feel the same way! I get it.  You want to be able to spend your money on things you want, and maybe even experiences. You work hard day in and day out to make money. Why should you […]


Why Dieting Doesn’t Work and What To Do About It

When I was fresh out of college, I was so naive.  I told Rachael that I always wanted to workout hard enough to eat whatever I wanted. That lasted for about 6 months…if that! Over the next year or two, regardless of how hard I worked out, I couldn’t keep up with the soda, the […]


Blueberry Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes

Ever since we have started eating clean, pancakes and waffles have been a sad casualty. I know there are a bunch of super healthy pancakes that are made of just bananas, egg, and cinnamon or some variation of that. We tried those and to be honest they weren’t a worthwhile substitute for us. The texture […]

Get Organized and Be Ready for All Events and Birthdays in 4 Easy Steps

There’s nothing worse than letting a family member or dear friend’s birthday sneak up on you. Although it can happen, last minute gifts are not typically where “best gift ever” memories are made. Life happens. Days turn into weeks and before you know it, another birthday has come and gone. Don’t let someone special’s birthday […]

How Much of My Paycheck Should I Save?

Everyone always wants to know the magic number to save.  Is it a dollar amount?  Is it a percentage of your income?  The answer?  It depends. There isn’t one magic number for everyone.  How can there be?  Everyone’s situation is different. Everyone’s comfort level is different. Some people feel like they need less money in […]


2 Quick Tips for Going to the Gym Consistently

Do you struggle getting to the gym on a regular basis? Are you exhausted after a long day at work?  You get home and say, “I’ll go tomorrow.” Maybe you wake up early, look at the clock, and keep hitting snooze until it’s too late and it’s time to get ready for work. If any […]

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