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Weekend Breakfast: Egg Sandwich


As you can tell from our egg bake entry, we eat the same thing for breakfast every weekday morning: a slice of egg bake and a slice of whole wheat bread with sugar free jam. Eating the same thing for breakfast can be monotonous and boring BUT can you blame us? The egg bake is a healthy, easy, and pre-made breakfast!!! That being said, I try and mix up breakfast on the weekends. It would be ideal to wake up on Saturday and Sunday morning and have a big batch of Bisquick chocolate chip pancakes or french toast but that isn’t in line with our fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. We have tried some of the healthy pancake recipes, and we haven’t found one that we like. So, weekend breakfast consists of a delicious breakfast sandwich (Note: It  has the same basic ingredients as our weekday breakfasts, plus turkey bacon and minus the sugar free jam, but I still call it “mixing it up.”)

This breakfast sandwich is delicious as a before the gym or after the gym breakfast. It is really quick to make and has TONS of protein in it!

Weekend Breakfast Sandwich


2 pieces of whole wheat toast
3 eggs
2 pieces of turkey bacon
ketchup (optional- I say” yes” and Spencer says “NO”)


1. Cook the eggs in a large skillet coated with non-stick cooking spray. (I break the yolk and let it cook all the way through because I am NOT all about a runny yolk. If you are, then don’t break the yolk and enjoy your sunny side up eggs!)
2. Toast the bread in the toaster.
3. Cook the bacon either in the skillet with the eggs or in the microwave (for 2 pieces cook on high for 1-1 and 1/2 minutes).
4. Assemble the sandwich. Bread, egg, egg, egg, bacon, bacon, and bread. Cut down the middle. Enjoy!

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