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Sausage and Kale Brown Rice Pasta

Colorado has finally started to feel like fall. This means that the cubbies in the gym, which over the summer contain only keys, are now stuffed with coats and sweats. Fall in Colorado is an exercise in managing expectations. Sometimes, fall is long and beautiful with perfect cool weather. Sometimes, the weather skips straight from summer to winter – days of 75 degrees change to days of 35-40 degrees literally overnight. Sigh.

This year we have had some great fall weather, but I guess my brain is preparing my body for the winter weather because meals lately have been all about warm, comfort food. Comfort food to me means one or more of the following: (1) food that includes pasta, (2) food that includes marinara sauce, or (3) food that I ate growing up that I associate with a good memory. One of the downsides to eating healthy is cutting out most things that fall into category #1 and #3. So, I am constantly on the lookout for ways that I can “healthify” a recipe to allow me to fit it into my current lifestyle and goals.

I saw a video recipe on Facebook from Tasty. I traded in some of the ingredients and turned it into healthified comfort food AND we have been eating it at least once a week since then. Sorry not sorry.

Below is Tasty‘s recipe with my modifications. I tried to go back and get a direct link to the recipe but I couldn’t find one. Here’s my adaptation:


Sausage and Kale Brown Rice Pasta
adapted from: Tasty‘s recipe for Sausage and Pepper Pasta

Serves: 3-4

1 pound turkey sausage
1 bunch of kale, leaves torn from stem into bite size pieces
2 1/2 cups marinara sauce (I use Trader Joes Organic Marinara Sauce)
1 cup chicken stock
1 tsp. dry oregano
1/2 pound uncooked brown rice pasta

1. Heat a large pot over medium to high heat. Cook the turkey sausage breaking it up into crumbles.
2. Add the kale, cooking it in the fat from the turkey sausage. Cook sausage and kale together until sausage is cooked through and kale is sufficiently wilted.
3. Add the chicken stock, marinara sauce, and oregano and bring the mixture to a simmer.
4. Add the brown rice pasta. Allow the mixture to simmer until the pasta is cooked, stirring occasionally. 


There you have it – magnificent, one-pot, healthified comfort food! You can quickly throw this together for dinner. Let me know what you think!

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