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Productivity Tip: Get Chores Done During the Week and Leave the Weekend Open for Fun

Chores ChecklistI know your schedule when you get home, all too well. Leave work, go to the gym (maybe), eat dinner, watch shows, go to bed. I haven’t done any wide spread surveys, but I bet this is the way most people spend their weeknights, especially those with a 9-5 type of job. It’s a great schedule.  It is relaxing and definitely gives your mind a rest BUT it means that weekends get filled up with chores and tasks.

Here’s how to make the most of your weeknights:

  1. Make a to do list. List all the things that need to get done this week around your house or apartment such as laundry, changing the furnace filter, grocery shopping, cleaning the house/apartment, picking up dry cleaning, balancing the budget, or any other task that any sane person would not categorize as fun or relaxing.
  2. Divide the tasks up into certain days. Be realistic with yourself. Don’t try and do all your tasks in one night . Make one night the “laundry and house cleaning nigh’t and another night the “errands night” to fit in the grocery shopping and dry cleaning pickup. If you divide things up effectively, this means that your entire night isn’t shot. You get home from work and you can still watch a show or two or play video games before you get cracking on the chores.
  3. Spread out the chore nights. Don’t kill yourself by doing errand night on Monday, cleaning night on Tuesday, and Other Chore night on Wednesday. I mean, Friday is already far away and elusive – don’t make it worse.  For example, Spencer and I like to ease into our week. We might make our list of chores for the week on Monday night but Monday night itself is all about relaxation: the gym, dinner, reading, and a show or two.  Then, on Tuesday we work on the blog and Wednesday we do any chores that we need to do.  If we absolutely have to, we will do another chore night on Thursday. It eases us into the week and then eases us back out of the week into the WEEKEND.
  4. Your weekends are now free. I can’t pretend that we don’t do some grocery shopping or meal preparation on Sunday night but the majority of our weekend is absolutely free. From Friday night until sometime Sunday night we can do whatever we want without worrying about cleaning the house, grocery shopping, or laundry to have clothes for work on Monday. And I can tell you from experience – IT IS AMAZING!! It really gives us a chance to relax and unwind on the weekends. I find that I am more ready for my work week after having a weekend that is largely void of the dreaded chores.

Try it! It takes discipline to get things done after a long work day, but I promise it is well worth it!

What do you think of this system? Do you do your chores during the week or on the weekend? How does a “chore-less” weekend sound to you?

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