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How to Organize Your Closet


I am definitely one of those people that loves to have EVERYTHING in its place and organized. I understand that not everyone has that tendency. However, I think that having your closet organized saves time and even money. Don’t worry- I’ll explain why!

Each person has a different sized closet (mine is medium-sized), and so that means that some people use their dresser for most clothes and their closet for only what absolutely needs to be hung up whereas others hang up everything and don’t even use a dresser. This post is definitely geared toward people in the middle of that spectrum, which is hopefully most helpful.  Also, this post is not about having or buying tons of dividers and fancy closet organization bins – it is about moving your clothes around a bit to get them into a system.

First, organize your clothes into tops and bottoms. If you are lucky enough to have two rods (one higher up and one lower to the ground), then you can organize your clothing accordingly. I have the clothes that go on top (jackets, sweaters, and shirts) on the higher rod and then skirts and pants on the lower rod.  Dresses and full length items such as coats should go on the higher rod so there is enough room for them to hang down without touching the ground. This is helpful because it is easier to visualize outfits when the clothing pieces are in the closet the way they would be on you.

Second, organize your clothes into clothing types. For instance, all the skirts should hang together. The clothing types that I sort by are: jackets, sweaters, shirts, skirts, pants, and dresses. The reason this is helpful is because when you are looking for a certain piece of clothing to complete an outfit you only have to look in one section of the closet.

Third, organize your clothes into work clothes and outside-of-work or “casual” clothes. Depending on your profession, these two categories may overlap. In my profession as an attorney, my work clothes are so formal that they don’t often overlap with the clothes that I would wear on the weekends.  So, in your jackets section or your shirt section simply place your work attire all on the left  and your casual attire on the right or vice versa.  This organization technique is particularly helpful because it takes a good bit of thinking out of getting ready in the morning.  I know that half of my clothes (roughly) are not even in the running when I get dressed for work so that narrows down my outfit possibilities quickly and without having to sort through things.


Finally, sort the clothing items by color compatibility. I have three categories for this step: black compatibility, blue/brown compatibility and both black and blue/brown or “mixed” compatibility. I do this to again cut down on time and thinking when picking out an outfit in the morning either for work or on the weekends. I can look at a small section of my closet when I am going to wear blue or khaki pants and another small section of my closet if I am going to wear a black skirt and need a top that goes with it. Obviously, there will be overlap so what I do is have the black compatible section on the left, the mixed compatible in the middle, and the blue/brown compatible on the right.

Not too difficult right? You can use this organization technique for the clothes in your dresser and for your shoes!

Benefits to Organizing Your Closet this Way:

1. It is easier to pick out an outfit. If you are like me, you pick out your outfit in the morning when your brain isn’t all the way awake, and the last thing you want to do is think about what you are going to wear. Having everything organized helps to narrow down your options at each step in the outfit building process. So really, it saves time and brain power in the morning.

2. You know the clothes you have. When your closet is organized like this you can see the clothes that you have better. You can also see the holes in your wardrobe, such as not enough black skirts (as if that ever happens) or green shirts. This makes it easier to picture your wardrobe when you are shopping so you don’t purchase duplicates or similar pieces. It also puts you on the lookout to fills those holes rather than just buying something that looks cute in the store! This saves you money in the long run and helps you to “build” a wardrobe rather than just impulse buying with the season.

3. Everything has a place. Every item of clothing will fit into the above categories, and that means every piece of clothing will have a place and it will be easy to fit in new items and re-hang items after they are laundered or dry cleaned.

3. It feels great! Walking into your organized closet will make you feel wonderful! It will also make you feel like you have a lot of clothes and therefore, a lot of options!!

What do you think? Would this organization work for you? If you organize your closet this way, post a picture!


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