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Don’t Put It Down Unless You are Putting it Away: Organization Tip


Are you finding that you spend your Saturday morning putting things away or “straightening” your house or apartment? I have a simple organizational tip that will save you time and save your Saturday morning!

Picture yourself coming home from work.  Let’s say at minimum you have your briefcase or purse, the keys to your car, a jacket or scarf or some accessory, your shoes, and a lunch bag (assuming you bring your lunch to work- which you totally should!).  Typically, you would just drop everything at the door, in the garage, or just inside the door of your bedroom. That means it will sit there, and the pile will likely be added to throughout the week (and even during the weekend depending on how busy you are).

Now, the problem with the above scenario is that it makes things harder to find, adds clutter to your house, and necessitates the Saturday morning straightening. Have no fear – I have the solution for you!

Don’t put it down unless you are putting it away.

Instead of dropping everything in a pile, put your keys on their hook or in their dish, put your shoes back in your closet or wherever they go, hang up your jacket, put your briefcase or purse away, and put your lunch bag in the kitchen. It is as simple as that. Don’t drop everything to the ground just to have to pick it back up later taking time out of your weekend. It will only take moments more to just put everything away.  This may seem over-simplified, but it’s effective.

I use this tip when I come home from work but also throughout the weeknights when I am at home and during the weekend. If I pick up something, get mail, or even add a new piece of clothing to my wardrobe, I put it away before I put it down. Then, there is no pile to sort through later and there is no Saturday morning straightening. The added BONUS is that your house or apartment always looks and feels neat and tidy.

An additional benefit of this tip is that you will ALWAYS know where everything is, and it will be easier to get out the door for work the next morning. This tip works best if you have a place in your home or apartment for everything. If everything has a place, it is easier to put everything away. Don’t worry, we will get to organization room-by-room to help you make a place for everything!

Until then, Don’t Put it Down Unless You are Putting it Away.

What do you think of this tip? Does anyone already do this? Try it, tell us how it feels!

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