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Cinnamon Nutella Oatmeal Recipe

In our house, we have rediscovered Nutella. Rediscovered? Where did it go? Well, in the interest of healthy eating we don’t stock Nutella or similar addicting treats. However, recently we have found that, in moderation, we are able to have Nutella here and there. So now we have Nutella in the pantry and I want to incorporate it into every meal…which isn’t moderation. Alas, the self-control battle continues.

One morning, I wasn’t interested in protein oatmeal but wanted oatmeal without the typical sugar-filled toppings: brown sugar, syrup, etc. As I was perusing the pantry, naturally the Nutella caught my eye and viola- Cinnamon Nutella Oatmeal!!

Try it for breakfast tomorrow- you won’t regret it- I mean, have you ever regretted having Nutella??


Cinnamon Nutella Oatmeal

Serves: 1

1/3 cup steel cut oatmeal (we use Coach’s Oats or Bob’s Red Mill)
1 cup water
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp Nutella
1 Stevia packet

1. Measure out the oatmeal and the water into a bowl. Make sure that the bowl is big enough for the water to boil up quite a bit without spilling over into the microwave.
2. Microwave the oatmeal on Power 7 for four minutes.
3. Take the bowl out of the microwave (you might need oven mitts for this) and place it on the counter or table to cool for 1 minute. Don’t skip this step – it allows the oatmeal to set and the bowl to cool.
4. Measure out and then stir in the cinnamon and Nutella until it is completely blended into the oatmeal.

Calories: 178
Macros: 6p/30c/4f

Sweeten up your morning with some Nutella oatmeal!


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