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What Does It Mean to Really Stick to Your Budget?

Creating a budget is actually a fairly easy task.  It does require some thought and some initial work, but really it’s not that difficult.  You simply take your take home pay and divide it into various categories.  As an example, let’s say you take home $3,500 per month after taxes.  You’ll take that number and […]

How to Organize Your Closet

I am definitely one of those people that loves to have EVERYTHING in its place and organized. I understand that not everyone has that tendency. However, I think that having your closet organized saves time and even money. Don’t worry- I’ll explain why! Each person has a different sized closet (mine is medium-sized), and so […]

Do I Need Budgeting Software to Stick to My Budget?

There are probably a thousand ways to organize and do your monthly and annual budget.  And there are probably dozens if not hundreds of types of software out there that can help you budget.  But, do you really need it?  My quick answer is “no”.  Unless the software actually helps you follow through on tracking […]

Live Conservatively Now So You Can Live Like a King Later

I really don’t want this post to turn into a rant, but it just might.  I can already feel my blood boiling a little bit thinking about our society today.  That being said, let’s get rolling anyway =) Today, we live in a society that overspends.  We max out our credit cards, we leverage ourselves […]

Stop Keeping Up with the Joneses – It’s Not Worth It

(Photo Source) Today, we live in a spending society.  Everywhere you look, a friend or family member is buying new clothes, going on some fancy vacation, buying a new car, or making another big purchase.  At least that’s all I see on my Facebook feed!  Often, seeing this activity from people close to us can cause […]

An Inside Look Into How We Structure Our Bank Accounts and Money Flow

It can be challenging thinking through how to effectively set up your bank accounts.  Do you set up multiple checking accounts?  Multiple savings accounts?  How do you keep track of what money is “earmarked” for travel funds vs. deep savings.  Ideally, you could just keep all your funds in separate accounts, but that isn’t very […]

Why Are Rental Properties a Good Investment? 3 Reasons We Love Our First Rental

We love real estate. We’ll get into the three reasons why in a second, but first let’s talk about how we choose to look at our real estate investments. A lot of real estate investors will buy a piece of property such as a single family home or a condo and bank on the appreciation. […]

Our Favorite Money Saving Strategy: Virtually Guarantee 7% Savings

Are you having trouble saving money?  Do you get to the end of the month and realize you’ve spent everything you earned?  In this post, I’ll show you how you can virtually guarantee that you save at least 7% of your annual take home pay.  Rachael and I first discovered this strategy on the way […]

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