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About Us

We’re Rachael and Spencer Powell. We met during our freshman year of college, in 2006, and started dating soon after. We got hitched on June 15th, 2013.  We live in Colorado Springs, Colorado- in our first house together! Spencer works for the family business in inbound marketing and Rachael is a Deputy District Attorney. We’re starting this blog for a couple reasons:

1. We want to share our challenges, successes and ideas on all things household finance, organization, fitness, and recipes.
2. We want to teach other people (namely couples) about things we’ve learned individually (pre-wedding) and collectively (post-wedding) that have helped us get ahead in life.

In case you are wondering, we practice what we preach. We are both actively involved in our budgeting process, watching our money, and paying bills. Although Rachael is much better at tracking the monthly dollars, Spencer is more active in managing our first rental property, investing in the stock market, and other investments.

In terms of fitness, we both love going to the gym, hiking, and doing various running or sprint workouts. Being in shape and constantly striving for improvement is a necessity for both of us. We make it to the gym 3-4 times per week and usually mix in some other activities as well.  We both have a passion for volleyball, especially doubles grass volleyball! You would be surprised at the massive volleyball community in Colorado! Rachael was a setter in both high school and college.  Spencer learned to play on a little beach court at our college and would train with the girls team in the spring. Now, we spend most of the summer traveling around to all the Colorado mountain towns including Vail, Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge, and Aspen to play in doubles grass volleyball tournaments. We even took down 1st place this year at Steamboat!  We eat clean and smart.  We cook for most of our meals, but if we haven’t cooked then you will definitely find us at Chipotle.


Overall, we are constantly looking at our daily schedule and daily tasks to make sure that we are being as efficient and productive as possible.  We both feel that we want to get the most out of every day and not find ourselves knee deep in television shows.  We want to get our chores done, and done right, so we have more time for adventures and new experiences.

We’re excited about life and our life together, and we want everyone else to have this in their own way. So, whether you’ve found that special someone already or you’re still looking (or unsure), stay in touch with us by signing up for our blog. We’ll be sharing our journey towards a Fit life, full of happiness, adventure, challenges, and successes. We hope you’ll join us and share your story too.

About Rachael     By: Spencer

rachael-about-this-fit-house-blogRachael is the most amazing person I’ve ever met (and I’ve met a LOT of people). She grew up in Alabama and Idaho, but spent a lot of her summers in California (including Disneyland…lucky duck!). She doesn’t have a southern accent, but is one of the sweetest, most unselfish people I know. Rachael grew up with 3 sisters playing lots of sports and eventually went to college to play volleyball and run track. After college, she went right into Law School at Denver University where she earned a full ride to get her Masters in Tax. She now works as a District Attorney downtown where we live, in Colorado Springs, CO. Rachael is the master of organization and planning, thinking of other people, and picking up for my slack when it comes to making meals, remembering past life memories and pretty much everything else besides opening jars or carrying heavy stuff.

Fun Facts:

* Super Competitive
* Organization Champion
* Loves penguins and giving presents
* Broke School Record for the Steeple Chase (track event)
* Can whip Spencer in any foot race longer than 400m

About Spencer     By: Rachael

spencer-about-this-fit-house-blogSpencer is the type of guy that everyone wants to be around.  He can make friends within minutes with his laid back attitude and great smile. He is amazing at letting go of the little things and he constantly makes me laugh. He grew up in Washington and Colorado, just five minutes away from where we live now.  Spencer grew up as the oldest with one younger brother and one younger sister.  He spent high school working at Paninos whenever he wasn’t at school or playing video games (he is ridiculously good at Halo).  Spencer was courageous and adventurous when he agreed to play college football without having played-EVER before.  Spencer is extremely athletic and a hard worker so he quickly excelled at football as a wide receiver. In his spare time, he wrecked people in dodge ball, intramural basketball, and anyone who would take him on in sand volleyball. After college, Spencer spent some time in Seattle working long hours cost cutting and starting his own social media business.  Spencer came back to Colorado to bring the family business, direct mail, into the twentieth century by founding an inbound marketing branch.  Since then, Spencer has worked long hours turning his inbound marketing vision into a reality- building it from the ground up. Spencer is the master of investing, saving, dish washing, and being an extremely sweet and thoughtful husband, and planning awesome adventures for us (including our honeymoon all by himself).

Fun Facts:

* Super Athletic
* Loves Chipotle and could eat there everyday
* Spent three months in Hawaii on an abroad
* Can pick up any sport in a flash

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