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Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Our blog focuses on a few things:

  •  Household Finance: Investing, Saving, and Budgeting Ideas
  •  Organization: Running a Household through Organizational Systems and Productivity
  •  Fitness: How to be Consistent and Develop the Right Habits
  •  Recipes: Healthy Eating Inspiration and Ideas

Our goal is to be your resource for living a well-rounded and outstanding life. A Fit life in all areas. A Fit life is the result of changing every day habits and making choices to improve in a sustainable way. The goal isn’t to lose twenty pounds only to gain it back two years later or save $5,000 only to blow it all on a big screen TV on Black Friday. We are striving for something consistent and long-term that is manageable and sustainable.

We aren’t the most physically fit, we don’t eat the healthiest, we aren’t the most organized, and we aren’t the most economically fit but by excelling in these four areas we are able to achieve the Fit life we want. You can find fitness blogs, finance blogs, home organization blogs, and health food blogs but what we bring is an average couple leading an extraordinary Fit life by working to achieve our goals in each of the above categories. Those blogs will only help you with one facet of your life. This blog will help you to be well-rounded and above-average in your Fit life.

We are a two income household that brings a realistic approach to life. Not everything goes perfectly and that is okay. It is about building the systems and consistency that will set you up for a Fit life.

A Fit Life: a well-rounded life where systems, consistency, and effort provide for fitness in finance, organization, fitness, and healthy eating.

We hope you’ll join us on this lifelong journey of achieving a Fit life.

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