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3 Easy Ways to Avoid Food Pressure


“Want a slice of pizza?”, asks your co-worker at the office.

“Here, have a piece of chocolate”, suggests your brother.

“Why aren’t you having any beer?”, questions your friend.

These are just a few extremely common examples that pop up throughout any given week.  Staying on track with your healthy lifestyle can be challenging enough without other people offering up temptations.  Rachael and I get asked questions like these all the time, and it can make reaching our fitness goals more difficult.  However, over the years, we’ve figured out a few strategies and tips.

1. It doesn’t fit into my fitness goals.

Whenever someone offers me birthday cake for our office parties, chocolate or anything else that isn’t a part of my plan, I start off by saying “no”.  If they are persistent, which they usually are, they’ll ask “why not?” putting this extra pressure on you.  I’ve found that a simple, “Eating cake isn’t part of my fitness goals right now” will stop most people. This is a quick and easy way to fill the person in without getting into specifics about what your fitness goals are. If they ask for specifics, it might be an opportunity to be a positive influence on the eating habits of someone else.

State your reason matter of factly. Be confident in your decision.  Rachael and I have noticed that most people will just eat the cake or the pizza or whatever it is.  But we don’t want to be most people, and we’re okay with that.

2. I’m training right now.

Another example of what to say, is “I’m training right now.” Again, it is an answer that does not include specifics but provides an explanation. Sometimes the food pressure persists.   Sometimes they’ll say “Really, what are you training for?”.  If they are really this passionate about getting me to give in, I’ll respond with  either: (1) “I’m training for life” or (2) explain what I am training for.

That usually does the trick =)

3. Have an accountabilibuddy

Sometimes it isn’t people that put the pressure on you, it’s the situation.  I find myself in many situations like this when I travel for work.  As an example, I was at a plated dinner.  I didn’t have control over my choice of food.  The dinner portion fit into my goals, but then they brought out dessert.  Everyone at my table was eating it, and they were also talking about how delicious it was.  This is fairly brutal, however, if you have someone that you’re training with or even just someone that will hold you accountable, this becomes a lot easier.

Since Rachael and I are eating the same types of foods, I can sit there at this dinner, look at the dessert and pass on it because I know Rachael is at home sticking to healthy foods.  I don’t want to let her down.  I want to call her later that night and tell her that I dodged a sugary dessert or that I passed on Mac n’ Cheese. Your accountabilibuddy can be anyone but make sure that they have the same goals as you do and that they have relatively the same level of discipline, otherwise one person will end up carrying the accountabilibuddy team.

Get yourself an accountabilibuddy =)

Do you ever run into situations like these?  What do you do?

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