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Healthy Turkey Burger Recipe: A Summertime Regular

Summertime grilling is my absolute favorite. The evening weather is nice and there is just something about cooking outside while the sun is still shining. Turkey burgers are a great option for the summer grilling season! Ground turkey is less expensive than chicken, still high in protein, and delicious paired with a summer salad. My issue […]

Live Conservatively Now So You Can Live Like a King Later

I really don’t want this post to turn into a rant, but it just might.  I can already feel my blood boiling a little bit thinking about our society today.  That being said, let’s get rolling anyway =) Today, we live in a society that overspends.  We max out our credit cards, we leverage ourselves […]

Productivity Tip: Get Chores Done During the Week and Leave the Weekend Open for Fun

I know your schedule when you get home, all too well. Leave work, go to the gym (maybe), eat dinner, watch shows, go to bed. I haven’t done any wide spread surveys, but I bet this is the way most people spend their weeknights, especially those with a 9-5 type of job. It’s a great […]


Weekend Breakfast: Egg Sandwich

As you can tell from our egg bake entry, we eat the same thing for breakfast every weekday morning: a slice of egg bake and a slice of whole wheat bread with sugar free jam. Eating the same thing for breakfast can be monotonous and boring BUT can you blame us? The egg bake is […]


The Best Way to Make Gains in the Gym: Track Your Workouts

I’ve been lifting for over a decade now.  Wow, that’s kind of weird to say…feeling old!  I started lifting weights my sophomore year of high school.  When you first start lifting, it’s pretty easy to track your workouts mentally because everything is new, so you are absorbing everything like a sponge.  “I did the bar […]


5 Proteins We Love

As a female, my instinct whether eating a meal or completing a workout at the gym is NOT “I need protein!” Spencer on the other hand needs protein at every meal, tries to have protein as soon as possible after a workout, and calls protein the “lifeblood”. After we got married, we started going to […]

Stop Keeping Up with the Joneses – It’s Not Worth It

(Photo Source) Today, we live in a spending society.  Everywhere you look, a friend or family member is buying new clothes, going on some fancy vacation, buying a new car, or making another big purchase.  At least that’s all I see on my Facebook feed!  Often, seeing this activity from people close to us can cause […]

The Detachment System: When and How to Downsize Your Closet

When: In the last couple of years, I have moved from three different apartments, one house, and gotten married. Moving and combining life possessions were all wonderful times to declutter and downsize my clothes.  As I was packing up a box or a bag of clothes, I found things that I hadn’t seen in months […]


Enchilada Bake: Healthy Version

My criteria for finding a new dinner or lunch recipe to add to the mix is: (1) low carb, (2) high protein, (3) easy to pack and re-heat if needed, (4) not a lot of ingredients, and (5) I can easily double the recipe or (6) I can make it all at once. Luckily, Pinterest […]

An Inside Look Into How We Structure Our Bank Accounts and Money Flow

It can be challenging thinking through how to effectively set up your bank accounts.  Do you set up multiple checking accounts?  Multiple savings accounts?  How do you keep track of what money is “earmarked” for travel funds vs. deep savings.  Ideally, you could just keep all your funds in separate accounts, but that isn’t very […]

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