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Healthy Turkey Burger Recipe: A Summertime Regular

Summertime grilling is my absolute favorite. The evening weather is nice and there is just something about cooking outside while the sun is still shining. Turkey burgers are a great option for the summer grilling season! Ground turkey is less expensive than chicken, still high in protein, and delicious paired with a summer salad. My issue […]

Live Conservatively Now So You Can Live Like a King Later

I really don’t want this post to turn into a rant, but it just might.  I can already feel my blood boiling a little bit thinking about our society today.  That being said, let’s get rolling anyway =) Today, we live in a society that overspends.  We max out our credit cards, we leverage ourselves […]

Productivity Tip: Get Chores Done During the Week and Leave the Weekend Open for Fun

I know your schedule when you get home, all too well. Leave work, go to the gym (maybe), eat dinner, watch shows, go to bed. I haven’t done any wide spread surveys, but I bet this is the way most people spend their weeknights, especially those with a 9-5 type of job. It’s a great […]

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